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Better Know a Celtic: Lindsay O’Leary

1. When and how did you come to Carlow? 

October 8, 2013, is my one year anniversary of joining the Carlow community. Before coming to Carlow, I was the PR, Marketing, and Digital Project Manager of the Mattress Factory museum of contemporary art on Pittsburgh’s North Side. I’m now the Web Content Editor in University Communications and External Relations up on the mysterious 6th floor of Antonian. I think the mystery is only because the elevator doesn’t make it up this far. I assisted Kristin Raup, Director of Web Communications, in launching the new in August. I’m the person behind Carlow’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts. You’ve probably seen me around campus snapping photos and wearing a stripy scarf. 

2. If you were given a million dollars to launch a business, what would it be?

A nacho food truck. I love nachos. I’m a glassblower, so opening my own glass studio would probably be a better idea. Although I really, really adore great nachos with extra jalapeños. 

3. If you could eliminate one state in the U.S., what would it be and why? 

We’re the United States. I wouldn’t eliminate any—especially Ohio, it’s shaped like a cute little heart.

4. Favorite Friday night spot to hang out? 

Unblurred gallery crawl every first Friday of the month along Penn Avenue (so many great and whacky galleries open for free!) followed by late dinner at E2 in Highland Park. 

5. You can invite any 3 people, living or dead, to lunch. Who are they?

Nelson Mandela, Jesus, and Mahatma Gandhi. I’d just sit back and listen to their similarities and their differences. 

6. Do you sing while in the car? If so, what genre? 

I would, but my car radio is stuck on NPR. I do a pretty mean instrumental (humming) version of the TV show “Community” theme song. 

7. What’s one thing you would like Carlow to do differently?

Being in the communications department, I wish the Carlow community—students, faculty, staff, Sisters of Mercy, everyone—bragged more. We do incredible things on this hill and most people I meet are too humble to talk about it. We have so many great stories to share: Alternative Spring Break, student/faculty research and conference presentations, thousands of hours volunteered annually, and on and on. (Have something to brag about? Email me!

8. Do you read the Carlow Chronicle? 

Yup! Ever since Issue 1.1 came out last February. But only for the horoscopes. (Kidding!)

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