Smith, Carlow Agree To Part Amicably


(Photo Credit: Christian Smith via KDKA)

At a hearing on October 23rd, a city court judge ruled that several charges facing Christian Smith, a former Carlow student who was arrested after an altercation with campus security on September 23rd inside A.J. Palumbo Science Center, could be withdrawn.

Originally, Mr. Smith faced charges of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and making terroristic threats. However, after a deal struck between Smith’s legal representation and counsel for Carlow University, Smith has agreed to withdraw from Carlow and undergo a psychological examination in exchange for having these charges dropped. According to a KDKA news report, he’ll likely face a much lesser charge of disorderly conduct and be subject to a small fine at a hearing on November 25th.

Philip DiLucente, the attorney representing Mr. Smith stated that he “commended Carlow on how they dealt with the situation,” and “the best way to describe it would be two people…with irreconcilable differences, but choose to remain friends”

An email to Marie Milie Jones, who represented Carlow at the hearing, was referred to Jen Carlo, Dean of Student Affairs at Carlow.  Carlo declined further comment but reiterated the University’s October 3rd statement of: “Carlow University is confident in the actions of university police in protecting the rights and privileges of the student involved, and ensuring the safety of its students and the campus community.  In order to protect the privacy of the student, we cannot comment further regarding internal actions taken.”

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