Student Government Town Hall Meeting

By Bria Richardson

The SGA Town Hall meeting took place Monday, October 21, 2013, in the commuter lounge of Frances Warde Hall. Carlow’s tenth president, Dr. Suzanne Mellon, spoke to a room full of students and staff where she updated everyone on plans for Carlow’s future, answered concerns, and listened to opinions from students.

Dr. Mellon mentioned an extensive list of goals that current and future students at Carlow should be looking forward to. The university is in the process of raising money to build an improved, more modern library. They have already raised half the amount needed in order to start the construction. Dr. Mellon ensured students that the new library will have bigger and broader resources for students to use for their studies and will truly be a better addition to Carlow’s campus.

Other goals she mentioned for Carlow included trying to make the school more well known by forming more partnerships out in the community. Goals centered around students included creating greater internships and job placements, helping commuters get more involved on campus, and trying to get more students to live on campus.

Some other ideas raised at the meeting were getting vending machines that students would be able to use with their ID cards and possibly using ID cards at participating restaurants around Oakland.

Dr. Mellon is working hard to help increase diversity at Carlow and to improve Carlow’s image and services. SGA mentioned that if any student had an idea to help improve Carlow in any way to come sit in on one of their meetings, which take place biweekly Mondays at 8:30 in the campus assembly room.

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