Better Know a Celtic: Jean Berkeley , Coordinator of Transfer Services

When and how did you come to Carlow?

I moved away from Pittsburgh many years ago, and then– as happened to many of us, I reached a point where it seemed it was time to come back.  So I did.  I was hired at Carlow in September of 2007 as an Academic Advisor and Transfer Coordinator.

If you were given a million dollars to launch a business, what would it be?

I’m not really interested in starting a business at this point.  I would probably use the money to support other people’s business start-ups.  Benevolent benefactor.  That sounds right.

If you could eliminate one state in the U.S., what would it be and why?

Florida.  Too hot, too humid.  I don’t really see any need for it except for a couple of months in winter.


Favorite Friday night spot to hang out?

PNC Park– Free Shirt Fridays.

You can invite any 3 people, living or dead, to lunch. Who are they?

Gertrude Stein, Roberto Clemente, and my current favorite author, Michael Ondaatje

Do you sing while in the car? If so, what genre?

Yes!  To anything. Even commercials.

What’s one thing you would like Carlow to do differently?

I think Carlow does Carlow very well.

Do you read the Carlow Chronicle?


(Editor’s note: Ms. Berkeley also handles all of the veterans’ education benefits on campus, and does it extremely well. Thank you for all you do for us! – Josh)

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