Fall Sports Update

By Emily Shawgo

The end of the semester is always a bittersweet time for any student but particularly so for seniors.  As the fall sports seasons have come to a close, the teams have taken the opportunity to honor the seniors who will not be returning next season.

The Carlow Chronicle would like to mention the names of the seniors of the fall sports teams:

Women’s Cross Country

Christina Hronas

Men’s Cross Country

Alan Faler and Jehosha Wright


Mara Gilmartin, Alyssa Tlumack, Marla Sasko, Marisa Czapor, and Dana Saunders


Amanda Capatolla, Supriya Plumley, and Amber Omstead


Amanda McKenzie and Leah Stack

Participation in Carlow sports has had a profound impact on the athletes who have been involved throughout their college careers.  Marisa Czapor of the soccer team said of her experience in athletics, “Being a member of the Carlow soccer team has been a wonderful experience with many ups and downs. The program has accomplished so much in such a short time, and I’m proud to have been a part of that process.”  The students shared some of their favorite memories: beating a formidable rival, fun bus trips to games out-of-state, and favorite drills and games during practice.

These fond memories will go with them into their future endeavors and will no doubt serve them in their futures, whatever they do after they leave Carlow.

The coaches of each team have been role models, mentors, and encouragers of the students on their teams.  Tennis player Supriya Plumley gave special acknowledgement to her coaches for all they had done for her and her team.  “My coaches, Tom Merchant [head coach], and Gina Tomsky [assistant coach] are very helpful and approachable… They want you to do the best in anything you do.”  The coaches have made an impact on their students in ways they may not even know, and their contribution to their players’ lives are greatly understood and appreciated by the students.

Through the years, some of the students’ fondest feelings are those they hold towards their teammates.  Carlow volleyball’s Amanda McKenzie wanted to express her appreciation for her team and to say to them, “I love you girls like sisters, I wish you all the best, and I hope that you continue to grow and improve as athletes and also as students. I see [a great] work ethic in all of you, and I know that you will do amazing things both on and off the court. I wish I could get just another year back just so I could play with you girls on the court one last time. I love you girls, and good luck in all that you do.”

Good luck to you all, seniors!  Carlow wishes you well.

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