Guys on Campus

By Bria Richardson

When people think of Carlow University they still refer to it as an all-girl school even though the university went coed way back in 1945. It’s understandable why people still get the idea that Carlow is an all-girl school because the majority of the students here are women. According to the university website, the current student body is 93% women and only 7% men.

The students here at Carlow often joke about the number of male students saying, “There’s like 5 boys here,” or they make jokes about how Carlow doesn’t even have enough male students to form a basketball team. But why is there such a small number of male students, and how can the university get more to attend?

First of all, one would think that more men would apply for the simple fact that there are tons of women here! Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by women all day every day? Actually that could be a good and bad thing. But Carlow does have other great things to offer the men here that other universities can’t. For example since the campus isn’t as big as most colleges it helps to turn the environment into a more family-oriented one which is great for first-year students. Not to mention the list of degrees that the university offers like Accounting, Business Management, and Social Work.

Those are some of the reasons why a lot of male students come here, but what reasons can bring more in?

Nursing major Amber Reed recommended that Carlow try to promote sports more. “There are no activities for them. Sometimes boys just need a football team to yell for, and they’ll be satisfied,” Reed said.

A lot of students agreed that’s the main thing that would attract boys, and it might even attract more students overall.

Chemistry major Shadee Massie said, “A football team means football games which means homecoming, and I’m all for that!”

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