Student Government Ushers in a New Era

by Kate Stafford

Newly elected President Allison Cox has big plans for the direction of the student government this year. A junior studying biology and chemistry, Cox was inspired to run for president after working as the SGA’s treasurer and is well-versed in budgeting of student committees. Her term as president with Rhonda Ekwunoh as her vice president started in January after an exciting race and will run through December.

Cox is wasting no time spurring the government into action with her plan for the year. Issues she wishes to address this year include: gaining higher attendance for extracurricular activities including weekend events, promoting greater communication between student organizations, and working to make it easier for students to report sexual misconduct. Cox is also hoping to work out a system with the Port Authority similar to the University of Pittsburgh’s arrangement with bus and T passes. While this is still purely in the investigative stage, Carlow commuters could have surprises coming their way.

Cox has made a serious effort to make commuter students feel more included in campus events. Splitting her time between her science intensive major and presidential duties, Cox also works as a Resident Assistant to First Years, a duty she greatly enjoys.

With the little free time she has, Cox likes to watch television and is watching “Dexter”, a fitting show for someone working towards a career in autopsy pathology and public health. When asked what inspired her to study for such a career, Allison joked that in autopsy pathology the patients “don’t talk back,” and mainly decided to pursue this career path from the guidance of her mother. Science is the buzzword for Cox, but she is enjoying a more liberal arts centered semester, and is reading Salt of the Earth for Professor Woller’s Popular Culture course.

Cox wants to ensure that students feel comfortable in approaching her. She is always readily available through her Carlow email. Cox is bringing her extensive knowledge to her role as president and has many ideas for this upcoming year. Cox wants to spur greater student involvement in the various committees and organizations here at Carlow and is “always looking to bring diversity to government involvement” with a willingness to “work with anyone who is interested or has their curiosity piqued by the role of government.”

While the weekly executive board meetings are private, the SGA currently has biweekly senate meetings which are open to any and all students. The next meeting is scheduled for February 18th in the Campus Assembly room. Another event to look out for is a Town Hall meeting with Dr. Mellon, soon to be scheduled. With her enthusiasm for her goals for the year, exciting new changes are on the horizon for Carlow students under the leadership of President Allison Cox.

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