From the Editor

Dear Reader,

First of all, thank you for reading this month’s online content of the Carlow Chronicle!  After a semester-long hiatus, we have returned to producing print issues and look forward to publishing one per month for the rest of this year.  We also hope to maintain our online presence, both here on our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages.  I am the editor of the paper for this semester and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the coming months.

In both the print and online issues, you will find articles about issues that our students find relevant and important – whether they pertain directly to Carlow’s campus life or not.  I especially want to draw your attention to the articles featured in our new “Carlow Culture” section of the print issue, which will also be reproduced here.  The feature will include pieces of student interest in popular culture topics such as music, movies, games, fashion, and events.

As we move into this new era for the Carlow Chronicle, I want to put out a call for anyone who is interested in being involved with our organization in any way.  We have need for writers and photographers with a wide variety of interests, and a strong need for copy editors.  In addition, we are especially looking for anyone who might like to come up with puzzles or mazes to include in the issues, and graphic designers who might like to create editorial cartoons.

I also welcome letters to the editor, which can be directed to carlowchronicle@carlow.edu.  I look forward to hearing what the Carlow student body has to offer to make our newspaper the best that it can be!


~Emily Shawgo

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