Red Dog Reading Series

By Bri Griffith

What is the Red Dog Reading Series?

The Red Dog Reading Series is an ALL community, ALL university reading series that brings people together through the art of writing.  Red Dog features a wide variety of readers from a number of universities including the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Carlow University, Chatham University, and Community College of Allegheny County.  Poets and writers of all ages and walks of life are welcome.  Red Dog advocates for diversity and acceptance among all writers.

Who runs Red Dog?

The Red Dog Reading Series is run by Carlow University students Teddi Salsgiver, Jude Waldo, Bri Griffith, and Sara McNally, with the help of Creative Writing professor and adviser, as well as established poet herself, Jan Beatty.

Bri Griffith and Sara McNally design the infamous Red Dog flyers, and help to distribute them around campus and spread the word.

Teddi Salsgiver is the open mic emcee.

Jude waldo is in charge of getting in touch with each of the readers, confirming their attendance, all the while being the overall emcee during the readings.

Jan Beatty ensures everything runs smoothly.  She allows us to learn from each other the importance of being in positions of leadership, as well as taking advantage of opportunities in the future.

Being writers ourselves, running a reading series provides us with valuable information and experience.  We all work very hard to keep the Red Dog Reading Series a success for everybody involved.

When are the readings?

The readings are on Wednesdays from 7-8 PM.  They are being held in Carlow’s University Commons’ 2nd floor University Space.

How do the readings work?

There are two readers every night and an open mic portion.  The first reader will read for 15 minutes, followed by a short break/intermission.  Anyone wanting to participate in the open mic portion should talk to Teddi during intermission.

Typically there are no more than 5 open mic readers, no more than 2 pages or 2 minutes per reader.

The second reader reads for 15 minutes following open mic.

As the reading comes to an end, some readers may sell their books.

Why should I come?

Some may be thinking a poetry reading isn’t for them, and that’s okay, but the Red Dog Reading Series is more than just a poetry reading.  It’s interactive, intimate, and gives people a chance to read their work aloud in front of others.  Don’t forget about networking: speaking with established poets and writers, who may work in the English Department at the University of Pittsburgh or Carnegie Mellon, can open doors for other writers, or anybody looking to broaden their horizons.  Also, if anybody ever has to attend a reading for a specific class, Red Dog is an opportunity to complete an assignment in a fun and different way.  Please join us, and be a part of something new and exciting.

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