Resources for Pope Francis

By Emily Szitas

What does the Pope say?

Pope Francis’s visit to the United States has more Americans interested in what His Holiness has to say.  Listed here are some resources:

Pope Francis has his own Twitter account! @Pontifex

Origins, published by Catholic News Service, is a magazine that comes out weekly.  The most recent issue is displayed on the shelves around the elevator in the library (3rd floor of the University Commons).  Origins includes Pope Francis’s encyclicals, which are his letters to the bishops, speeches, and other papal messages as well as news such as his weekly calendar of events. Twitter: @CatholicNewsSvc

The official Vatican Network: http://www.news.va/en

On this website all of the latest news from the Vatican media is put together. Twitter: @news_va_en

The New York Times has an event page for “Pope Francis” and for “Pope Francis’ visit to U.S.” After you activate your group pass through the Grace Library home page, you follow event coverage. http://nyti.mes/1V8eQ1d

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