Three Sports Added

By Jake Holmes

Last year, Carlow Athletics made history by implementing the University’s first ever men’s sport.  This year, Carlow made more history by announcing the arrival of two more men’s sports for the 2016-2017 school year, along with an additional women’s sport.

Next academic year, men’s and women’s golf along with men’s soccer will be the new sports for the Carlow community to root for.  This was a seemingly impromptu decision by the university, however according to athletic director George Sliman, the arrival of new sports was a plan during a five year span.

“We are on a five year plan which allows us to do this financially,” stated Sliman in regards to submitting more teams to represent the university.  “We are unsure of the next sports, but we are certainly doing our best to add teams and increase our enrollment.”

This led in to Sliman commenting about his excitement for the university, and the great amount of full-time positions that could surface at the beginning of this new era.

“I could definitely use help, along with our trainers and even the CAA.”

The athletics department is working very fast on this process as there is less than one calendar year until their debuts.  Sliman indicated that there are already coaches in place, and they will be busy men.  The head coach of Carlow’s women’s soccer team, Marcus Pollidore will do double-duty and head the men’s team as well.

Pollidore, one of Carlow’s most experienced coaches, has a very impressive resume as the head coach of Carlow women’s soccer.  He has brought the program several big victories including a conference championship.

Carlow Men’s Soccer will share a home field with the women’s team at Highmark Stadium near Station Square and the home of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

The golf teams will be under the direction of Ryan Shank, currently one of the Carlow Men’s Basketball assistant coaches.  Members of Shank-coached teams are notorious for liking him and his coaching style.

The golf teams will practice at Schenley Park, although as of now, they will not host a home meet.  Sliman did say however not to rule it out in the future.

Stay tuned to carlow.edu and the Carlow Chronicle for updates on Carlow University’s three new sports!

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