Boots, Scarves, and Sweaters, Oh My!

By Sherri Brunner

Winter season is fast approaching and sweaters, big jackets and earmuffs will be coming back out. This calls for some fashion tips on how to spice up your old wardrobe. Now go grab that old sweater from the back of your closet and let’s turn it from drab to fab with just a few easy steps.
The first step is to find a sweater. My sweater is a red and big, probably coming down to about my mid-thigh. It is not the prettiest sweater and also very plain and boring. The color of maroon isn’t much of a statement.
Second, you are going to want to find a pair of bottoms that will keep you warm and cozy for the winter nights. With my sweater I am choosing a pair of thick black leggings. They will go great with the maroon and also keep me warm and comfortable for class. These black pants will also not take too much away from the shirt itself, leaving a bit of room for me to have fun.
The third step is picking out the accessories. This can make or break the outfit depending on whether there is too much or too little accessory involved. You can choose from loads of different options, such as a scarf, statement necklace, a hat, bracelet, etc.  My choice is a cute scarf and a few bracelets that I have lying around my room.  The scarf will keep me warm and cozy when walking outside and going from class to class, but will also be able to add a bit of a pattern (plaid) to just the boring one-color sweater. The bracelets will add a bit of class to the outfit if done right. They will add a more dimensional look to the outfit as a whole.
Next will be to pick out shoes! Of course one of the best parts of picking out an outfit is finding the shoes that will match. It’s too cold for flip-flops, and the snow on the ground is probably saying that open-toed shoes are a “no go.” For my outfit, I chose a pair of black pleather boots, with a gold zipper and laces that tie at the top of the boot. This will help to keep my feet warm, but will also keep me looking very stylish for the winter season. Oh the weather outside is frightful, but my SHOES are so in style.
The last thing to add to your stylish outfit is confidence! Walk around and own your outfit, wear a big smile on your face, showing everyone that you love your outfit. As little orphan Annie would say, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile!”

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