Franny’s to Frank’s: An Ongoing Transition

By Cory Taggart

With the opening of the University Commons came a change to the dining habits of Carlow students: the Frank B. Fuhrer Café. The EDUDine website for the location states that “[t]his new location features upscale ala carte deli sandwiches, wraps, salads and much more. We are proudly serving Starbucks Signature Coffee drinks.”
At first, much of the student population seemed to be in favor of this new dining location, a nice addition to Tiernan Cafeteria and Franny’s Cafe. There was just one problem: Frank’s was replacing Franny’s, and was serving a different menu.
How would the students react?
Aidan Gruber, a senior, said that while he quite liked Frank’s, he wished Franny’s was still around.
“I wish that Frank’s just served coffee and to-go stuff and Franny’s had real meals,” he said, Starbucks cup in hand.
Ray Smith, a freshman, was less enthusiastic.
“It sucks,” he announced bluntly over dinner at Teirnan. “And it’s slow. The meal exchange process is very messed up. Some of the employees are rude.”
His friends sitting with him nodded in agreement.
Sophomore Hayley felt just the opposite.
“The staff is friendly,” she gushed while drinking a macchiato. “I think it’s good. The food is good. But I do think they’ve raised the prices, and the block usage is confusing.”
While waiting in line at Frank’s to order some lunch, Nicole Hall, a sophomore, said, “I think the options are limited. I wish you could customize [like you could at Franny’s]. They really need a better system for handing out food, as well.”
She gestured to the line, which was reaching the door next to the art gallery.
Kevin, a junior, seemed to teeter between love and hate.
“I like it,” he began hesitantly. “It’s not as good as Franny’s, but it’s in a great place. I’m a commuter student, so it’s nice to have something so central on campus with food and drinks like this. And it’s always busy. But it’s a work in progress. It could be improved.”
The Frank B. Fuhrer Café is a mixed opinion among the Carlow crowd, but it may prove to be more popular as some of the more common complaints are addressed. Whatever the case, it is here to stay, and it’s a new way to dine with ease on campus. What do you think of the café? Feel free to send a letter to the editor with your thoughts to carlowchronicle@carlow.edu.

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