Memories of Meaner

By Alonta Pitts and Bri Griffith

Students share some of their favorite moments from Chris Meaner’s time at  Carlow University:

“During orientation week, party on the green, we didn’t have soft pretzels. We went to three different Giant Eagles to buy 75 boxes of soft pretzels, and no one ate them. Who else would be that dedicated to their students?”
–Michaela Buzzard, junior

“One time we were in his office, and it was late, and we were talking about me being in charge of dodgeball. I was a freshman. He told me he was ordering Chinese food, and he asked if I wanted any so I told him what I wanted. He called and they were closed. He told me he owed me Chinese, but I’m a senior now and I still haven’t gotten my Chinese.”
– Lexy Lesniak, senior

“In Laredo, Texas, he got every single measurement wrong. He’d scream across the yard, ‘BRITTANY’ as loud as he could. Then he got hit in the thigh with a nail gun.”
– Brittany Tomasic, junior

“Shopping trips, when he tried to pretend he didn’t hate his life, but he does, because he loves the students.”
– Lizzie Kovach, junior

“Anytime I was working in the office, and I could hear his laugh down the hallway, I knew I immediately had to get back to work.”
– Kevin Zimmerman, senior

“When I was a student, he almost flipped the van over at the pumpkin patch because he drove the wrong way. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The farmer saved us, and Meaner had to walk all the way because the farmer drove the van away.”
– Rachel Blonksi

“One time, during the set up for FFKS, they were playing ‘Welcome to the ‘60s’ and I was dancing. He was making fun of me for having little arms.”
– Toni Murabito, senior

“The night of the fashion show, something happened that wasn’t supposed to happen. I was upset about it, and he came over and hugged me, and said back when he asked me to do the fashion show, he asked me because he knew I was capable. He was there for me, but I was also able to rely on myself.”
– Murabito

“He doesn’t know this. In Tiernan, he was eating a piece of pizza and he was trying to tell somebody that the pizza was good…but it just sounded like he was exclaiming, ‘The pizza is good!’ over and over again. I still laugh about it.”
– Rachel Kish, sophomore

“We were at FYM Training. Before the summer started, we decided to go to McConnell’s Mill for hiking, team building, and I got really dehydrated. It was great, and I puked in the woods. However, how it relates to Chris is he taught me that it’s OK to laugh at myself, and to be embarrassed as long as I build off of that and keep going.”
– Deidra Balchak, senior

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