WeBuyBlack.com, a Different Way to Shop

By Bria Nicole Richardson

How often do you support black businesses? When it comes to shopping for the things we need we tend to go to the places that are the most convenient. That isn’t really a bad thing, but for black people sometimes the most convenient thing isn’t the best thing for our hair, skin or even our personal style.
As a person of color we have to sometimes shop differently. And who knows better about the things a person of color needs than a person of color?
The website “We Buy Black” has more than 1,500 products to choose from, including clothing, shoes, accessories, natural hair products, natural hygiene products, books, restaurants and much, much more.
This site has everything that you could possibly need whether you are a man or woman of color. A percent of every dollar spent on the site will go to a black nonprofit. Support a business that is supporting you, and everyone wins in the end.
You don’t have to stop eating at your favorite restaurant or stop shopping at your favorite store because it isn’t black-owned. Nonetheless, you could start contributing to black-owned businesses a little more each day to help out.
Besides, who wouldn’t want to shop at a place that has the exact kind of shampoo you need for your natural hair or a place that knows exactly what kind of soap will make your brown skin radiant?
Try out “We Buy Black” at https://webuyblack.com/
Or visit their IG at: @webuyblack

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