A Night at the Musical: The Celtic Crescendos

By: Anastasia White


On April 14 and 15, the Celtic Crescendos held their spring semester a cappella show. The theme was “A Night at the Musical,” and the group performed songs from Broadway musicals and Disney animated films.

The Celtic Crescendos worked tirelessly for months, practicing three nights a week, to perfect their show. Laura Carbone, senior president, director, and co-founder of the group, strategically picked and rearranged songs she thought would best highlight everyone’s unique voices. Tara Cabache, junior vice president, treasurer, and co-founder, also rearranged music. Marissa Morus, senior secretary and co-founder, served as the group’s choreographer, coming up with creative dance routines, different for each song performed.




The group received a ton of positive feedback from members of the audience. During the “Chicago” performance, Tara sang in Hungarian, (it gave me life). “Props to her for learning Hungarian for her part,” said Carlow student Simon Caccia.

During their performance of “Kiss the Girl” from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” soloist, first year Seth Herman, asked for volunteers from the audience to come up on stage. The group serenaded the couple, juniors Lizzie Kovach and Jake Pancoast. The audience sang along, as the couple moved in, closer and closer to each other, until they kissed.

The lesser known songs of the show include:  “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton the musical, “I Know It’s Today” from Shrek the Musical, and “The Broadway ACA Top 10,” an accumulation of various musicals. The audience loved it, the songs were funny, and greatly displayed the musical talents of each of the group members. “Russell was funny as the prince,” said Raven Burrell, sophomore. “That was one of the best songs in the show.”

Look out for The Celtic Crescendos next semester, when they put on their fall/winter show. The group voted Tara Cabache the next president and director, upon Laura Carbone’s departure (she’s graduating). Heather Mulkern, sophomore, will be the next vice president and treasurer. Shannon Havelka, first year, will take over for Marissa Morus as the next secretary and choreographer. We should expect big things from The Celtic Crescendos come next semester.


Photographs courtesy of Anthony Lai**

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