“Heels Over Haters” turns heads in Pittsburgh

By Cheyanne Swaney

Maia Williams, 18, first year Communication and Media student, and her sister Bria Williams, 20, became aspiring CEO’s last December when they thought of the phrase, “Heels Over Haters.”

The two young women started a conversation about their desire to rise above hate and bullying among women when they realized the power of the phrase. Together, the Williams sisters decided their “Heels Over Haters” slogan could create an impact if other women were spreading the message by wearing hoodies and t-shirts decorated with a creative logo. Maia and Bria Williams created a design, and just like that, the sisters were business owners.

In February 2017, the Williams sisters celebrated the one-year anniversary of their company. “Heels Over haters” hosted a free event on Feb. 5 at the Cabaret Banquet Hall in Pittsburgh to thank their customers and celebrate their anniversary. The celebratory event fell during Black History Month, in which the month of February is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of influential black individuals, etc.

Both sisters have been the victims of bullying throughout their time in school. Maia Williams expressed her need to be homeschooled after the hate she experienced in middle school began to affect her ability to perform while in school. Bria experienced similar treatment from other girls at her school, recounting a run-in with peer pressure on the “Heels Over Haters” blog.

The Williams sisters want to use their company to spread this message to other women: “Love yourself.” Maia Williams said the most important message about the company is, “It’s really about being above the negative things people say.” Both Maia and Bria Williams want “Heels Over Haters” to show other women and girls that their experiences with bullying don’t have to continue. The Williams sisters plan to grow their brand even further by launching an official website sometime this year. Their line of hoodies and t-shirts are currently available for purchase via Instagram (@hohproductions) and PayPal.

Featured image courtesy of Leah Loves That Photography.

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