Musical Powerhouse: Vaeda Black, Artist U Should Know

Vaeda Black, 16, born and raised in Centerport, Long Island, New York, is a rising star. Featured in Buzznet’s article, “5 Female Powerhouses Artists to Watch in 2018,” alongside Camila Cabello and Julia Michaels, Black said she began “appreciating her voice” upon starting lessons a while back.

When Vaeda Black started writing and noticing the impact her music had on others, she said, “I [got] this idea in my mind that I could make this a career.” Black’s inspiration for writing comes from many places, but especially her own raw emotions. “Anything I put out is based on someone or something,” she said, “I can actually pinpoint who some of my songs are about.”

Black’s age has attracted doubts and misconceptions about her music. She said, “I think when people hear that I’m 16, before they listen to my music or [even] meet me, they expect another bubblegum pop singer, but I really have more of a groovy vibe.” Black described her writing as “deep and a little dark,” which “tends to surprise people.”

Black ultimately seeks a solid connection with every person who listens to her music. “I’m a sucker for good lyrics, and when I listen to really well-written songs, I get attached to the artists. I want that with my fan base,” said Black.

Some of her favorite artists right now are Bishop Briggs, Young the Giant, Jon Bellion, Janis Ian and Ron Gallo, though she doesn’t admire one artist over another. “I feel that anyone creating and putting their work out is admirable. I respect anyone in the music business because it’s such a hard business to navigate,” she said.

Face Down:

Black released her debut single, “Face Down,” on November 11, 2017. The edgy pop song took 6 months to write, rehearse, and record; Black said she was in the process of “writing two other songs at the same time.”

Black said, of “Face Down,” “I wanted to leave [the meaning] up for interpretation, but the song is about allowing yourself to accept and admit your deep and dark desires, because everyone has them, and you’re not alone.”

On December 14, 2017, Black released a music video for “Face Down” on her YouTube channel. The filming process almost landed her in the back of a cop car.

Black and her crew were caught trying to film at Kings Park Psychiatric Center in New York. Security was telling them to get away from the building. “They were threatening to arrest us,” said Black, “I know it sounds kind of serious, but we laugh about it now. So many people go there and of course WE get caught.” While filming in a warehouse, the smoke machine they were using set off a fire alarm. “I was trying so hard not to laugh,” she said, “because I was in the middle of filming, I could barely see in front of me, and the alarm was sounding. Our cameraman had to climb up on a table and [shut it off].”

Black’s plans for the future are to keep writing, recording, and releasing music. A dream of hers is to be up on stage with a packed pit in front of her, fans singing along to her songs with her. “It warms my heart just thinking about it,” said Black.

Vaeda Black plans to release her debut EP in 2018. You can read more about her musical journey and follow her social media accounts on her official website:


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