What’s Good Carlow? Episode 1

What’s Good Carlow? It’s your hosts DJ and Ryan dropping the first ever episode of the “What’s Good Carlow” Podcast. DJ and Ryan introduce themselves in this episode before DJ gets a solid workout in, the guys break down what to look forward to in future episodes of the podcast and what kind of ideas for segments will be included (0:00-8:00). After breaking down the ideas for the podcast, your boys jump right in to their first ever interview with senior basketball player Kayla. With Kayla, the boys break down how this season has been going and what it’s like to play on the same team as her sister, a first-year player on the team (8:00-19:15). After the interview, the hosts sit down with Phil to talk a little about one of the most important things on the planet; Fortnite. In the brand-new segment “Fortnite with Phil,” Phil breaks down why planes need to be taken out of the game, his idea for a ranking system within the game, and how his gameplay has been going (19:29-25:38). Although Fortnite is important, relationships and friendships are also important. The guys sit down with Swade for their other new segment “Smooth Talk with Swade.” In this segment, Swade gives some advice to college kids on: how to get cute girls to look at you, how to get out of the friendzone; and of course, how to be friends with Swade (25:47-29:48).

This podcast is an unofficial production created by students, for students. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Carlow University.

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