What’s Good Carlow? Episode 4

YOOOOOO! What’s Good Carlow? In this episode, DJ flies solo with Ryan out day-to-day, but have no fear, cause DJ’s here. DJ sits with the one and only Johnny Mac and goes over some things happening around Carlow as well as a bit of sports. If your brackets are busted, no worries, our’s are too! But if you’re able to change your picks, Johnny Mac goes through the Sweet Sixteen and who to pick. After Johnny Mac, we talk a bit about Women’s History Month. We’re joined by two other Carlow students, Annie stops in to talk about women’s empowerment, then Marena drops by to talk about her experiences playing on the football team in high school. Finally, we wrap up the show with quite possibly our biggest guest so far, Sister Sheila. We talk about the history of Carlow, and even get to find out a bit about the personal life of Sister Sheila. Hope you guys enjoy this week’s episode. We’ll catch you soon! Deuces. (35:44)

This podcast is an unofficial production created by students, for students. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Carlow University.

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