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Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2019

By: Amber Kanoza

On Feb. 3, Super Bowl LII appeared on America’s television screens. It wasn’t just the game between the Patriots and Rams that had everyone’s attention; it was also the commercials. When it comes to this special day, advertisers don’t hold anything back.  

  1. “Serena Williams” Bumble

 Bumble is an app for meeting new people, and not just romantic encounters. This commercial had a very feminist vibe with Serena Williams encouraging women to “make the first move.” She gave advice to women to not wait because we already have the power to make a change.  

  1. “We All Win” Microsoft 

 This heartfelt commercial is a top contender. It’s all about how Microsoft helps gaming be accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical disability. If you’re looking for a tear jerker, this is the one for you. 

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale Season Three Teaser

 The Handmaid’s Tale is a Hulu Original based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. Fans are anxiously waiting for season three to premier 

  1. Bud Light Commercials 

 This year, Bud Light pulled some hilarious medieval themes into brewing. There is everything from jousting, rolling a big barrel of corn syrup, and bowl cut barbers to keep your attention.   

  1. “Not Everything Makes the Cut” Amazon

 Alexa strikes again! This time it focuses on the Amazon developers and some of the ludicrous ideas they’ve put together, such as hot tubs and toothbrushes.  

There were so many great commercials this year that didn’t make the list. For example, Budweiser, Doritos, T-Mobile, The Washington Post, Burger King, Colgate, Google, Pringles and Sketchers all had interesting things to debut. They have a variety of content ranging from humor to political statements.  


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