New Year, New Major 

By: DJ Zedalis 

In Fall of 2019, classes for Data Analytics will begin. The addition of the Data Analytics major came from Dr. Erika Mochan 

This program is intended to attract more students to Carlow, according to Mochan. 

Mochan will be program director in addition to teaching classes. Dr. Beth Zamboni will teach two statistics courses and act as chair of the department. Mochan is currently interviewing candidates to fulfill more staff positions within the department. 

The relevance of the Data Analytics major is very high. “My favorite thing about this major is that Data Analytics majors have so many options once they graduate because everything runs on data Mochan said. Every business has data that needs to be collected, interpreted, analyze, and acted on.”  

The salary for this field is another factor to consider. Dr. Mochan said, “statistical analysis of data is listed as the second most sought-after skill in 2018, and a data analyst being the primary position to fill this role, with a median starting salary of $62,000.”  

Dr. Mochan sees a bright future for this degree and those who pursue it. More information can be found at 

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