Spotlight: The Critical Point 

By: Amber Kanoza

30th Anniversary Edition of The Critical Point, Courtesy of Amber Kanoza

Photo courtesy of Amber Kanoza

The Critical Point is Carlow’s undergraduate literature journal. Dr. Anne Rashid, Associate Professor of English and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department, is the faculty advisor for the publication. She has been with the Critical Point since she came to Carlow 11 years ago.

The student-run editorial staff makes decisions on which pieces are selected upon submission. Anna Havrilla, senior English and political science major who is also a part of the Critical Point staff, stated that it is based on a point system. “Once everyone has read all the pieces, the staff gets together and averages out the points. From there, the pieces with the highest score get chosen to be published,” Havrilla said. “It is a very democratic approach.”  Once the pieces are selected to be published, Dr. Rashid brings in outside judges to give awards in each category. The awards consist of cash prizes and honorable mentions.

Both Rashid and Havrilla state that it is nice to get your name in print. “It is a great feeling,” Havrilla states. “As an undergraduate, it’s easy to feel that what you’re doing isn’t as important. The Critical Point gives voice to that and gives you the opportunity to be judged by your own peers.”

According to Rashid, the Critical Point began in 1989, with Terry Coyne, Jacinta van Winkel and Maureen Walsh as the faculty advisors along with the help of Edith Benzinger and Betsy Lawler. It was originally meant for critical writing and art. The next year, creative writing was submitted and published as well.

The Critical Point comes out every Spring semester on Scholarship Day. It costs five dollars and will be tabled during the remainder of the semester.

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