Where and Why: Treats n Beans

By: Brandee Salinas

A few blocks from campus is a small oasis of decadence. Treats n Beans is one of the newest restaurants to open in Oakland. It is a dessert and coffee shop located at 118 Meyran Avenue here in Oakland. The location opened in the beginning of January 2019.

treats and beans menu

Photo credit: Brandee Salinas

Treats n Beans is a franchise that is popular in Jordan. According to the Pittsburgh location owner, this is the first location to open in Pittsburgh as the business wishes to expand within the United States.


The menu consists of waffles, pancakes, crepes, milkshakes, coffee, and even nachos. The fan favorite of the menu is the fact that customers can choose up to three different chocolates and a wide variety of toppings for their waffles, pancakes, and crepes. The chocolates are all high quality, European style with a selection of milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, Nutella, and Lotus cookie spread.

treats and beans waffle balls

Photo Credit: Brandee Salinas

The shop itself is small and cozy. The employees are for the most part young, college aged kids who are very friendly. Furnished with modern looking tables and chairs Treats n Beans is the perfect spot to study or catch up with friends.

On my visit I decided to get the chocolate waffle balls with milk chocolate, Nutella, and Lotus spread. I chose the $1 add on option and added marshmallows and was not disappointed. These waffles are more dessert than they are breakfast but paired with a cappuccino it made for the perfect treat to get me through my studies.


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