Carlow Culture

Rodents in Tiernan

By Caitlin McDonough 

After several news reports about the Allegheny County Health Department’s inspection of Tiernan Hall and the evidence of rodents in the kitchen surfaced over the last week, students are concerned about Carlow’s dining services. 

The inspection report included at least 11 “high risk” violations regarding pest management and food storage issues, including fresh and old rodent droppings around storage racks and the dish washer. It also cited several walls that needed resealed to ensure no rodents get in and numerous (15+) fruit flies in multiple areas of the kitchen.  

Although a video went around the university earlier in February of a mouse spotted in Tiernan, it was not until the Health Department’s Food Safety Assessment Report was released that the university chose to address the issue. In an email sent to all students, faculty, and staff, David Meadows, vice president for finance and administrative services, said that steps are being taken to fix the issues. He said that pest control companies have placed traps for mice, the Facilities Department has sealed holes in walls, and the food storage areas have been cleaned of mouse droppings.  

The Carlow Chronicle will be following this story with more information from the students and administration over the next several weeks.

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