Carlow Culture

Day in the Life of an ROTC Cadet in College

Written by: Marena Glaister

Daily Schedule:

04:30 wake up  

05:30 leave Carlow for ROTC Physical Training (PT) at University of Pittsburgh  

06:00 begin PT  

07:00 end PT  

07:20 arrive back at Carlow  

07:30 shower  

08:00 breakfast  

08:30 come back to dorm room  

08:35 start schoolwork for the day  

11:00/30 lunch  

12:30 relax, play my ukulele  

15:45 head to class  

16:00 class #1  

17:15 head to dinner  

17:45 head to class  

18:00 class #2  

21:00 head back to dorm room  

21:10 get ready for bed  

21:20 check emails  

21:45 get in bed  

22:00 fall asleep  

As an ROTC cadet, life can be very busy, so it is important I keep myself organized.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning, I wake up between 4:30am and 5:00am. Once I’m awake, I get myself ready and begin my walk over to a designated place in the University of Pittsburgh to do our physical training, or PT.  PT typically begins at 06:00am and ends at 7:00a.m. Then, I walk  back to Carlow and shower. At around 8:00a.m. , I eat breakfast and begin some schoolwork for the day. After I finish my schoolwork, I eat lunch.  I usually eat between 11:00 and 11:30. Once I am done eating, I have some free time to practice playing my ukulele and do whatever else I want until class at 16:00.  After my first class ends at 17:15,. I get dinner at 17:45, and then I head to my second class.  My second class goes from 18:00-21:00. Then I come back to my room and get ready for bed, check my emails, and eventually get in bed to fall asleep by 22:00.   

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