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Theatre Flea Market

Written by: Caitlin McDonough

The Carlow University Theatre Group (CUTG) held a huge two-week long flea market in the Rosemary Heyl Theater in Antonian Hall from Jan. 27 to Feb. 9 All proceeds went to supporting the theatre group and their future activities. The flea market was open for students and the public. 

Each item was either donated by members or supporters of the Carlow community or collected by the theatre group themselves from an old film studio and an abandoned hoarder house! The members of CUTG had a great time during their mornings at the sale. Kara Miller, sophomore creative writing and liberal studies major said, “It’s been fun to see the different types of people that come in and the things they buy.” 

“The flea market had a nice communal atmosphere – young and older people, couples, families all coming in for cool items and low prices,” said sophomore-English and creative writing major, Ashley Anderson.  

“We really appreciated college students coming in and giving these things a home. These cute things would get donated or thrown out otherwise, so it’s been great to sell people things they might need or things they can’t find anywhere else,” Kelly Wagle, sophomore-psychology major said. 

Theatre manager, Steve Fatla, and CUTG members, ran and restocked the items at the flea – ranging from knick-knacks and antiques to furniture and home décor.  

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