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Self-Care Article: Earth Day Edition

Written By: Marena Glaister

Earth Day was on April 22, but it is still Earth week from April 19-24. What better way to spend it (even in quarantine) than taking care of yourself and some plants?  Taking care of a plant, or a few, can keep you occupied and calm your nerves during quarantine.  It gives you the responsibility of taking care of a living thing that will also benefit you. Many plants can clean the air in your house. Another bonus is the color they bring into a room.  The following chart shows some plants that are easy to take care of, and clean the air in an inside room the best:  

Barberton Daisy
English Ivy
Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue
Spider Plant
Aloe Vera
Broad Lady Palm
Red-Edged Dracaena or Dragon Tree

            If you are interested in starting a garden or a farm outside, start with easy-to-take-care-of flowers or fruits/vegetables.  The following chart has some starter-farmer vegetables/fruits and flowers to begin your new hobby:

Flowers Fruits/Vebetables
ZinniaBell Peppers

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