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Things to do During Quarantine

Written By: Marena Glaister

Being in quarantine for the coronavirus outbreak has been a drastic change for us all, but how are you spending your time?  Are you finding yourself bored and doing the same unhealthy things daily?  Well I have some good news! I put together a list of fun and healthy things to do, inspired by Talk to Mira and The Macey Lynn blogs, while we are all still stuck in quarantine. 

Yoga. It is difficult to stay fit while being stuck in your home (unless you have a gym of course) so one suggestion is to try is yoga.  Yoga helps with decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, bettering one’s quality of sleep, and increasing flexibility and strength.  Yoga classes are available online, on apps and YouTube videos.  To make this more fun and motivating, try calling a friend or family member that you can’t see in person because of social distancing on FaceTime, Google Duo, Zoom, Skype, etc. and do yoga with them!   

Journaling. Although physical fitness is important, mental health is just as important.  Writing more often can help ease the stress from being cooped up in a house for so long. You can write how you’re feeling down and later reflect, or just to have for the future reference to tell stories about. If you tend to write about things that make you sad, worried, or anxious, try to write about the positives right after.  If you focus on the positives last, you can end your writing on a good note and maybe even improve your mood.   

Connecting with others. Also, you can care for mental health by making sure you are staying in touch with people. With technology today, there are endless ways we can stay in touch with our families and friends. While we are stuck in the house, we can use this technology to our advantage. Keeping in touch with people makes you feel like you are still there with them, even if we can’t because of social distancing.   

Learning something new.  We have nothing but time now, so why not take up learning something new daily?  It could be anything from learning one word of a foreign language, to a new recipe each day/week.  The following short list includes some things that you may want to take into consideration to learn:  

  • How to make/roll your own sushi 
  • Facts about something super random/crazy (like ancient Egypt, alien theories, etc.) 
  • How to make pretty bouquets 
  • Tai Chi 
  • How to ask the right questions 
  • ALL about the 2020 presidential candidates and why you want to vote for your top candidate 
  • Brush lettering 
  • Storytelling  

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