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Phantom of the Attic

Written by Alaina Dopico

Reading a comic book is like walking into a fantasy, like a waking dream that keeps you up at dawn, flipping through the pages trying to find your way home. Home for some students is Carlow University’s campus along Fifth Ave, a short jaunt away from Phantom of the Attic Comics, the only comic bookstore in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood. 

Here, you can pick up an entire world to travel into. Owner Jeff Yandora said he’d never been much of a collector; he is more of a reader, and a fan of the art. The store itself is a quiet wonder – his entire store is not just filled but elegantly styled with a new shipment of comic books each week. 

After ascending the staircase to the second floor you are met with a modern open room to meander, well categorized bookshelves, and a friendly staff, including the owner to guide your journey. The bright colors and dull grays blend giving the illusion that you are staring at one succinct painting: one great work of art. 

Phantom of the Attic is open Monday-Saturday from 12-6 p.m. and is located at 411 South Craig Street. Support your local comic bookstore this National Comic Book Day (September 25).

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