College Football Is Back

Written by Christian Grandinetti 

The Big 10 Conference, one of the biggest conferences in college football, made the decision to play on Sep. 16. They will start up the season on the weekend of Oct. 24.  

The first decision that was made by the Big 10 Committee was reversed, due to the PAC 12, SEC, ACC, and PAC12 conferences deciding to continue to play. The Big 10 was also pushed to make this decision by the coaches, fans, players, and just about anyone else who likes college football.  

Even though the Big 10 Committee gave the green light to play, they will take extra precautions to make sure everyone who steps on the field is safe. Players and coaches will be tested every day. If there is a positive test, then that individual will get another test to confirm that the test is positive. 

The real test will be seeing how the Big 10 catch up with the other conferences that started a month earlier. If the Big 10 didn’t decide to play this season, they would’ve lost millions and millions of dollars due to lost revenue. 

Most all the coaches in the Big 10 were pushing towards the return of football, but no one was more influential than James Franklin, Penn State’s head coach. “I’m thankful and appreciative that we have this opportunity,” Franklin was quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I’m just trying to stay open-minded and creative. The frustration comes when you try to make this year like anything else you’ve experienced before. It’s not.” 

All in all, fans are glad that football is back, but the question is how long it will last? 

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