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Places to Get Fresh Air around Campus and Oakland

Written by Clare Duffus 

The pandemic that has cursed 2020 has also confined most students to their homes and dorm rooms. Studying in one room for hours on end is enough to drive anyone crazy. 

Luckily, Carlow University and Oakland have several hidden outdoor areas where one can catch a new view and do homework in peace, before it gets too cold outside.  

Carlow has some hidden gems around campus.  

If you make your way behind Aquinas Hall, there is beautiful lush greenery surrounding a table and chairs under a pergola. A perfectly peaceful space to get some work done.  

(Miriam Hedden, Class of 2024) 

If you are feeling up for a challenge, walk up the stairs between the dorms and the University commons. About halfway up, there is a koi pond with real koi fish. You can sit there or walk a little bit further and to the right and you will find between the dorms and St. Joe’s a small path of tables and chairs accompanied by beautiful mosaics on the walls — definitely a great place to do homework or study.   

If you like a bit more hustle and bustle, Schenley Plaza in Oakland is a great place to sit, get some work done, people watch, and catch a bite to eat. 

 (Emma Wilson, Class of 2021) 

Carnegie Library, right across the street, has picnic tables for a public use, beautifully shaded by large trees and a great view of the Cathedral of Learning.  

Photo by Clare Duffus of Carnegie Library

If you find yourself not being able to focus or unable to get any work done in your dorm room, take an adventure outside and wonder to any of these great locations.  

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