The Lake Show

Written by Christian Grandinetti

It has been ten years since the Los Angeles Lakers have won the NBA finals.

For years they have been the laughingstock of the NBA, until this year when they beat the Miami Heat 106-93 in game six of the NBA finals. The series went 4-2, which doesn’t seem close, but few of those games were blowouts.

Some may say that this championship may not count because they played in the same arena for the entire playoffs. This meant that the teams were used to the baskets and the court, but this was the only option to continue the season after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Even with the bubble, people were still scared on how the rest of the season would turn out. Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, admitted his concerns “that he actually ‘resisted’ holding the rest of the NBA season in a bubble.”

Luckily, they went through with the bubble because, to many people, these playoff games were some of the best to date.

The Lakers dedicated the win to the late great Kobe Bryant. The Lakers wore their “Mamba” jerseys in game five when they lost. Prior to this game, the Lakers were undefeated in the Mamba jersey.

LeBron James won Finals MVP and his fourth title. The path for LeBron and the Lakers was tough, but can they do it again next year?

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