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Late Fall/Early Winter 2020 Look Book: 4 Statement Pieces

Styled by Stellanie Kyros

In the world of fashion, it’s not unusual for an entire look to revolve around a single article of clothing. Make these specific items the focal point of your outfit to craft the perfect late fall, early winter look!

Item #1: Double breasted teddy coat/jacket (straight cut coat) 

Start off the look with a pair of light wash, high-waisted jeans. Plain denim will help to showcase the teddy coat. 

Go for a solid-colored top to keep the outfit neutral. A turtleneck could be worn instead to add an additional extra element for the outfit. 

For shoes, try for a pair of suede booties that have a chunk heel. You could swap these out with any shoe that adds length to the look, i.e. stiletto booties.  

Not featured but recommended

  • Black face mask for safety; simple enough to keep with the color palette 
  • Simple jewelry, i.e. small gold hoops, single color analog watch, dainty necklace  

Bonus style tip: Always wear accessories of the same style & color — all gold or all silver, don’t mix!

Item #2: Leather pants/leggings 

Whether looking to be edgy or sophisticated, leather pants have the potential to spice up any look.  

These pants can be versatile for a night out or a professional photo op. Offer up a light-colored flowy blouse to contrast the dark form-fitting pants.

Add any heeled shoe to emphasize the lengthening effect of the pants. 

Add a pop of color with a detailed or vibrant handbag. 

Top it off with a structured jacket to create dimension!

Item #3: Cropped or oversized Flannel jacket

Flannels continue to go in and out of style but somehow, they still come out on top as a fall favorite. Aside from flannels, plaid has really been reinventing herself this year. Let plaid be on your radar this season as it presents itself as a plaid oversized jacket. 

Any oversized jacket calls for a comfy pair of pants.  Feel free to grab your fave comfy sweatpants that bungie at the bottom to keep in the warmth.  

cropped tee of any color and style will work with this casual yet stylish look. 

Jewelry should stay simple for such a casual fit but feel free to add some rings to accessorize.   

If you are into the bucket hat and sunglasses in the fall, go for it!  

Tennis shoes are definitely preferred with this simple look but any winter boot can switch those out. 

The best part of this look is how easily it can transition into a winter look. This photo below shows some Carlow Celtics stunting with their fall to winter fashion (plaid included, of course). 

Photo from Dec. 2019, majority Carlow 2021 graduates: From left to right, top row: Olivia Miller, Kate Slagel (Pitt ’21), Maranda Mosely, Anton Sarazen (Pitt ’21), Amanda Epsy. Bottom row: Shannon Depree ’21, Sadie Horner, Maggie Pogel 
Item #4: Cheetah print ANYTHING

Animal print is ICONIC in any season, especially during the fall. Any way you wear this print will certainly draw the attention to your stylish ways! 

Since cheetah print is a very bold pattern, it’s best to pair with some simple and neutral toned shoes.  

Feel free to accessorize with long or large earrings. Stick with jewelry that will add dimension to the look. 

You want to ensure the cheetah piece is the main focus of the outfit. Any corresponding pieces should stick to solid colors to keep from overriding the color palette. Regardless of what print piece you choose, you will be sure to make your mark! 

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