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Student Spotlights: February 2021

Stellanie Kyros, senior health management and business double major, with minors in behavioral health, healthcare data analytics, and modern Greek

Written by Guinevere Stearns

Stellanie Kyros has created Student Spotlights on our social media to highlight some of the students and graduates of Carlow University to spread the word about their accomplishments. Kyros is on the social media team at the Chronicle, specifically focused on Instagram where she creates and posts digital content to interact with the Carlow community. She is also currently working on a very exciting new project for the Chronicle, launching a YouTube channel! 

“This new column introduces a current Carlow student or graduate that is excelling in new opportunities, and we wanted to feature their story and offer some much-deserved recognition,” Kyros said. Kyros has done a wonderful job at putting this project together on the Chronicle’s Instagram and Facebook, and this February she was able to spotlight two of Carlow’s students. “I wanted to create a reoccurring feature that brought some much-deserved attention to current or graduated students at Carlow who are pursuing opportunities beyond their expected course load. Everyone deserves to be recognized and I believe the Carlow Chronicle offered a unique opportunity to honor our students.” Kyros said.  

The first Student Spotlight of February was Maggie Pogel. Pogel is an accounting and forensic accounting double major set to graduate this year, 2021. Pogel got the opportunity to be a compliance intern at Hefren Tillotson by reaching out in 2019 to her academic advisor who spread the word and asked if anyone needed an upcoming internship filled ASAP. She had a phone interview with the company and was in. 

Pogel says that this internship has become even more enjoyable by becoming friends with co-workers, which makes a world of difference in her experience. Pogel’s duties as a compliance intern include weekly breakpoint trade reviews, daily trade reviews, internal audits, and filing. Pogel has some advice for students who are looking for an internship opportunity: “Put yourself out there. The simple act of putting myself out there at the right moment led me to this incredible experience which ended up continuing until my senior year.” 

Our next Student Spotlight of the month was Morgan Mack. Mack is a political science major with a minor in data analytics. She is currently a senior article editor and co-editor at Digitizing Politics. Her duties in this internship include leading a group of article writers, working in conjunction with a co-editor and a senior article editor, proofreading and editing five to seven articles per week, and formatting articles for publication. 

Mack said this organization, “attempts to report on important news by utilizing the least biased material available.” Digitizing Politics hopes to also eventually become one of the news sources that the everyday American utilizes. They focus on the political and social issues while trying to reach a wide range of readers. This company offered Mack the position of senior article editor after her internship as a research and writing intern. This experience has impacted Mack professionally by allowing her to be a part of an organization whose goal is to spread factual reporting to society.

We wish you luck Maggie and Morgan, and we are so happy to have you share your experiences for our Student Spotlights!  

March’s theme for the Student Spotlight is focused on students who have started small businesses! This theme is linked to the #MarchMeetTheMaker with highlights businesses and artists that need more exposure.  

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