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Meal Prepping and Budgeting in College

Written by Miranda Depkon 

Being a college student and moving away from home is hard, and most college students can feel very intimidated when beginning to cook for themselves for the first time.  Finding what you are comfortable cooking can be difficult, no matter how easy you start off. 

But we’re here to help! Here are some tips for meal prepping and keeping a budget while in college

  1. Knowing Your Budget: ​When beginning grocery shopping, make a list beforehand. Write down all the things you need to pay for that month’s food and overprice them to make sure you’re saving. When doing so, make sure you have an idea of what meals you will be making yourself so you know how much you will be spending.
Write your shopping list on your phone so you don’t forget it! Image via Canva
  1. Checking Before You Buy: ​Before you go to the store, make sure you check your pantries, fridge, and freezer. Doing this will help you know what exactly you need from the store and reduce over-spending. You also won’t have more than what you need and risk things expiring. 
Write down what you already have. Image via Canva
  1. When You Really Want to Save: ​Keep your meals simple, especially if you are new to cooking. Make plans for meals that do not need extra ingredients. Don’t over-do it, and make a meal with what you already have.
Meals with rice or pasta are quick and easy. Image via Canva
  1. Find Your Savings: ​Before you go out, take some time to find some deals. Keep an eye out for sales and coupons in newspapers, grocery store advertisements, and even online as well.
Lots of stores use digital coupons now, so make sure you sign up for savings! Image via Canva

Doing these four steps will help you keep track of your money and what you are spending on food, and you can use these tips for buying other necessities, like personal care and household items.

Meal prepping can always be a struggle but once you start a system, you will find that you are easily budgeting and saving! 

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