How to be Ecofriendly This Earth Day (and Every Day)

Written by Kaitlyn Stamm 

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2018, there were 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste in the United States, in which 69 million tons were recyclable materials. Both waste and recycled materials are increasing compared to previous years.  

“Make Every Day Earth Day” image via Pitt Sustainability

To help reduce our negative impact on the environment, here are some events, products, and practices to encourage being ecofriendly on Earth Day and every day.

Ecofriendly Events: 

One to be more ecofriendly is becoming more involved in the community. The city of Pittsburgh hosts events every year to celebrate Earth Day and keep the city clean. Hikes in numerous parks around Pittsburgh, learning about plants and reconnecting with nature, trash pickups, and even yoga are all included in the city’s Earth Day celebration. Click here for a list of events this April in Pittsburgh. 

Ecofriendly Face Masks: 

Planet Earth with medical mask image by djvstock

During the pandemic, we have spent a lot of time in our homes and using new products like face masks. The one-use disposable face masks many individuals use are beginning to make a large impact on our environment. This has encouraged existing companies and entrepreneurs to create and sell reusable face masks.  

Some companies are adding twists on the idea of face masks, such as The Maskie. The Maskie is a face mask and a scrunchie all in one, plus it’s easier to remember if you keep it on your wrist. 

Other companies are finding ways to use eco-friendly materials to make these reusable masks. Eileen Fisher is a popular sustainable brand that has organic linen face masks. There are also several reputable companies that sell 100% cotton face masks.  

Ecofriendly Cleaning Products: 

Face masks are not the only products individuals have been using more during the pandemic. House cleaners have been changing over the last year to be more ecofriendly and effective against COVID-19. 

Blueland is a company seen on Shark Tank that offers ecofriendly alternatives to harsh chemicals and waste. They offer reusable bottles, various cleaning kits, and refillable tablets to prevent waste. This cuts down on buying a whole new bottle of cleaning product, and it helps keep harsh chemicals out of the environment. 

Other Ecofriendly Products: 

Knickey is a women’s underwear company that uses organic materials opposed to harsh chemicals, dyes, or other ingredients that have a negative environmental impact. Knickey’s use of all organic cotton in their products means they have helped decrease driving emissions, save gallons of water, and acres of land just by using organic materials. 

Best of all, Knickey allows you to recycle old underwear, bras, socks, and tights by mailing them. The recycled materials are turned into insulation, rug pads, and rags. They also offer a free pair of underwear for every box you send. Click here to learn more about their recycling process. 

There are other simple and easy ways to be ecofriendly every day. For example, reusable shopping bags help cut down on plastic waste. Many retailers have created products made from recycled material that help with reusing and reducing the amount of waste on our planet. For more practices and products you can utilize to be ecofriendly, click here.  

There are a lot of wasted materials in our world, but there are ways we can help reduce that amount of waste. More and more people are creating ecofriendly products we can use and research to help us make ecofriendly choices in our everyday lives. Every little bit helps our world, so this Earth Day, think about some of the ways you could reduce waste in your lives. 

Earth Day image via Nebraska Recycling Council

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