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Feature Friday: Spring 2021 Staff

Carlow Chronicle Spring 2021 Staff

Written by Maria Gorscak

This past semester, we started a series on our social media platforms called Feature Friday, where we featured a different Carlow Chronicle staff member each week. In these posts, we shared their position on the Chronicle, what they like to do in their free time, and their favorite thing about being a part of the Carlow Chronicle. Here’s a compilation of all our Feature Friday posts throughout the Spring 2021 semester!  

Caitlin McDonough

Caitlin McDonough is the editor-in-chief for the Chronicle and a senior English and liberal studies major graduating in December 2021. 

When Caitlin isn’t editing for the Carlow Chronicle, she plays video games, listens to music, and spends time with her boyfriend, friends, and family. 

Aside from working on the newspaper, Caitlin is also an editor for The Critical Point and an officer for the Carlow University Theatre Group! 

Her favorite part of working for the Chronicle is “editing other students’ writing about things they’re interested in and helping them improve their writing skills.” 

Anamarie Martinez

Anamarie Martinez is our managing editor and a sophomore chemistry and math major. 

When Anamarie isn’t working on the Chronicle, she likes to spend her free time listening to music and watching YouTube videos. 

Her favorite part about working for the Carlow Chronicle is “editing and reading everyone’s amazing stories.” 

Nalani Washington

Nalani Washington is on the Podcast Squad and is a freshman political science major. 
In her free time, Nalani likes to clean, try new hairstyles, and game. 
Her favorite part about working for the Carlow Chronicle is “hearing everyone’s different ideas and perspectives.” 

Alaina Dopico

Alaina Dopico, a sophomore creative writing major, is a writer for the Carlow Chronicle and also a host for the “What’s Good Carlow?” Podcast. 
In her free time, she likes to write poetry and spend time with her boyfriend. 
Alaina’s favorite part of working on the Chronicle is “having [her] work edited for free by good editors.” 

Stellanie Kyros

Stellanie Kyros, a health management and business major, is on the Social Media Team and helps with the YouTube and digital media for Instagram. 
In her free time, she plays for the Carlow Women’s Tennis team and likes to hang out with her friends. Stellanie looks forward to the summer when she can hopefully travel to visit her family in Greece!  
As for her favorite part of working for the Chronicle, she says, “I love the community that we have built at the Chronicle. Even amidst a pandemic we have still been able to create a warm and inviting environment.” 

Miranda Depkon
Pictured is Miranda on the left, with her sister Brooke on the right

Miranda Depkon is a sophomore communication and organizational management major. She recently just changed her major and is very excited to start taking classes for it! 
Miranda is a writer for the Chronicle and loves writing about sports, whether it’s Carlow or major league.  
Miranda likes to hang out with her friends, and she likes to stay active and focus on her health by working out or walking to the park. 

Her favorite part of the Chronicle is the freedom everyone has to write about their interests. “I think this is extremely important because it’s something we may be passionate about and we can be open to others’ interests as well,” she says.

Guinevere Stearns

Guinevere Stearns is a writer and editor for the Carlow Chronicle, and she is a junior early childhood education major. 
In her free time, Guinevere likes to read and make earrings. She also really loves to travel. 
Her favorite part about joining the Chronicle has been “meeting so many new people.” 

Kaitlyn Stamm

Kaitlyn Stamm, a junior communications major, is an editor, writer, and business manager for the Chronicle. 
In her free time, Kaitlyn loves to play with her dog, paint, cook, and go thrift shopping! 
Kaitlyn says, “My favorite part about the Chronicle is that it keeps me connected with other students while we are learning online. Since this is my first year as a transfer student, it was a great way to meet other communication students.” 

Features created by Maria Gorscak, a senior on the Social Media Team

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