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In Less than One Hour, You Could Save a Life.

Written by Amanda Hicks 

You may have donated blood in the past, but do you really know where that blood goes or how it helps? At the beginning of March 2020, the American Red Cross and other blood drives saw a 10% drop in blood donations. That percentage may not seem big, but with the number of people in need of blood, that decline can have drastic effects, as many people cannot wait for the amount blood donations to increase. This decrease became so crucial that even Krispy Kreme gave free donuts away from Jan. 24-31 to anyone who donated blood to the Red Cross. 

There are many different types of blood donations. The American Red Cross shows four different ways your blood can be used based on your blood type. Whole blood, power red, platelet, and plasma donations can help patients who are undergoing surgery, cancer treatment, delivering a baby, trauma patients, and so much more. Any age, gender, or race can benefit from your generous donation and live to see another year with their loved ones. 

Though there was already a blood drive through Carlow this semester, there are still many places to donate around Pittsburgh. The American Red Cross accepts blood donations, and the American Red Cross Pittsburgh Chapter is two miles away from Carlow University on Liberty Avenue or a 10 minute drive to Carnegie Mellon University. To find more places, go to the American Red Cross page, click on the “Donate” button, and enter in any ZIP code to find a variety of places to schedule an appointment.  

Click to donate to the American Red Cross

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