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Heaven and Hell and Other Funny Things  

Written by Fiona Ozenich

Staged in the Rosemary Heyl Theatre, located on the ground floor of Antonian at Carlow University, this biblically funny show is going to have you chuckling in your seat (and out of it). Heaven and Hell and Other Funny Things is a religious comedy show comprised of smaller acts that takes the audience from Hell to Heaven and everywhere in between.  

Photos by Fiona Ozenich

Each act shares a different point of view on the human race, our existential relationship with God and how it can be not-so awesome all of the time. With inaccurate but quick-witted retellings of biblical tales (and a sword or two), this play reminds one of the good and bad parts of life and how humanity just keeps on going! Directed by Steve Fatla and performed by Carlow students you are sure to be questioning your faith and your afterlife destination.  

See Heaven and Hell and Other Funny Things on Thursday, Sept. 29 and Saturday, Oct. 1 at 7:30PM. And don’t forget your Sunday’s best! 

Presented by Carlow University Theatre Department, Sept. 28/29 & Oct. 1 (no show Friday, Sept. 30). Admission is free. Featuring: Carley DiPaolo, Sam Dolnack, Morgan Johnston, Paul Marion Jr., Abby Mortimore, Meghan Norris, James C. Rose Jr., Nate Thomas, Alli Troup, and Jaxon Westwood.

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