All about Pizza! National Pizza Month 

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Written by Sapphire King

Did you know before reading this that National Pizza Month is happening right now? You might be aware that National Pizza Day is Feb. 9, but despite being an entirely different month from February, all of October gives us all an excuse to celebrate it more often. Who does not love pizza after all? And it is not too late to celebrate either…so that said, allow me, a fellow pizza lover, to gush about this super-popular dish in some fun ways. 


It’s probably no surprise that pizza originated in Italy and has since gotten worldwide fame. (It is even so popular that it was given a national month of its own right here in America in the year 1984. And it makes sense that the person who created pizza month was also the publisher of the very magazine dedicated to pizza itself: Gerry Durnell of Pizza Today!) However, did you know where in Italy pizza comes from? Specifically, its birthplace is Naples, and it started off as a simple flatbread with tomato sauce over a millennium ago. Although it did not take long for it to become popular, its evolution into the comfort food we know and love today took centuries. Cheese is another famous main topping, and any of various meats, vegetables, and even some fruits can be additional toppings. Judging by its centuries-long acclaim, I would say it deserved its own month of celebration long ago…but that is alright. You know what they say… “Better late than never.” 

How to Celebrate: 

But how do you celebrate pizza month exactly? For starters, the most obvious way to celebrate a national food day or month is to eat the celebrated food during that time. Surely though, that is not the only way. After all, what if you want to get creative or really have fun with it? Here are some neat ideas: 

  • Have a pizza party with friends and/or family 
  • Have an at-home date with your sweetheart and make a pizza together? Maybe you two can even decorate it in unique ways or make it heart shaped? 
  • Visit Italy or any little Italy in the United States   
  • Dress up as a pizza for Halloween (Yes, pizza costumes exist) 
  • Try out a different pizza type or flavor you have never had before. Keep things simpler and be a little adventurous at the same time, whether it is deep-dish or Hawaiian. 

They say that “you learn something new every day,” and hopefully you have learned something not just new, but fascinating too. Enjoy the rest of National Pizza Month. 

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