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Ready… Set… Shop!

Written by Kenna Hixenbaugh 

We all know the holidays can be, at times, crazy! Why have one more thing to worry about than getting gifts for the people we love? Now is the time to start thinking of what you want to give your special people and plan out the necessary time frame of action. Too many times we tend to put off what we want to give or do not properly budget to be able to give. Now we all know that Christmas is not about gift giving but we humans love to show our appreciation for one another through materialized objects.  

A few great ways to expand your horizons in gift-giving are to:  

Spread Out Your Budget 

  • Although getting all the shopping done in one day is efficient for some, spreading out your purchases helps in sticking to a set budget per person. Creating a list of people who you want to give to will provide a visual of how much you will have to spend.  
  • See when sales are going on and how many people on your list you can check off, while taking advantage of great deals. 
  • If it is a gift that you know you do not have to order online (ex. Sarris chocolates) you could wait longer to buy rather than gifts that involve Amazon deals/shipment dates or Black Friday. 

Visit Small Businesses 

  • Supporting small businesses is a great way to connect with your community and discover unique finds that may be the perfect gift for your friend or family member!  
  • In Pittsburgh, there are a bunch of small businesses with a lot of personality. Check out Pittsburgh Small Business Gift Guide 2022 for more details about each specific business and what they are all about! From custom art pieces to apple watch bands, small businesses offer a lot and can be more personable than a large corporation. 
  • Love Pittsburgh has an array of gift boxes that revolve around the Pittsburgh culture. For example, they have a Yinzer Holiday Box that includes a “nebby” coffee mug, a Pittsburghese tea towel, a cute pickle ornament, a koozie, and a delicious chocolate bar.  
    • Locations are:
      • 301 Shiloh Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15211 
      • 1728 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 
      • 805 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 
  • Fireborn Studios offers ceramics classes and artwork at their business. There are many routes you could take with this. If you have someone in your life that enjoys making art or trying new things, sign them up for a class. Or if you see a piece of art that really speaks to you and reminds you of someone, get it! 
    • Fireborn is having a sale now up to 50% off all pottery pieces! That is half the price folks! 
    • Located:
      • On Pittsburgh’s South Side 
      • 2338 Sarah Street 
        Pittsburgh, PA 15203 

Utilize Amazon’s Amazing Deals 

  • Amazon came out for the 2022 holiday season with a return policy that lasts up until January 31st, 2023. To learn more click this link. 
  • Amazon offers a variety of deals, sales, free shipping, and they make returning simple. 
  • For some products from Amazon, you can return them at Kohl’s for free return shipping. 
  • Be wary of shipping delays because of mass orders around the country and order way ahead. This will also provide you with the time to wrap your presents.  

Black Friday Shopping 

  • Who could forget about Black Friday? A once savagely, intense race at early hours to malls and shops to get the best gifts for the best price. Now, it starts days in advance and is more online than ever especially since COVID.  
  • I encourage you to go to the actual shops and malls, you can get a good sense of a gift and what it can mean for your special person. Of course, stay safe and remember the true value of the holidays! 

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