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Submit to the Critical Point! 

Artwork pictured by Alexis Westwood; published in the 2021 edition of The Critical Point

Written by Alycia “Lee” Butler 

Have you ever wanted your work published? The Critical Point is accepting submissions from current Carlow University undergraduate students for its 35th annual publication. Deadline is Feb. 14, 2023 via email ( The journal accepts poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, critical writing (research/term papers), all forms of art, and photography. Guidelines include up to five submissions per person, each submitted through a separate email. Each email should include the author’s name, the title of the work, and the genre in the subject line as well as a short personal bio in the body. Writing submissions have a 10-page maximum limit and must be edited prior to being submitted. Art and photography must be in a JPG or PDF format. Works accepted will automatically be put into a vote for a $100 prize in their category.  

The journal is now being offered as a credited class for students to take in the spring semester. Although students peer review and vote on pieces to put in the journal, an anonymous vote from outside judges will decide awards and honorable mentions. The undergraduate students also created flyers and volunteered to advertise the journal prior to the deadline. Flyers can be found in various buildings at Carlow, including the University Commons where The Critical Point hosts its table. Emi Leong created a QR code for the new website, bringing the journal into the age of technology. Students and staff hope the website will bring more submissions and allow for an online publication.  

Claudia Schirda, first-year creative writing and English major, joined The Critical Point in hopes to further expand the art created by students at Carlow. The opportunity to help create a published journal was something she’s always wanted to do, she explained. Claudia and Emi were part of the team that created the new site. Emi volunteered 6 hours to promote the journal and created poster boards to hang up.

Sydney Edwards, a fourth-year student, has been with the journal for two years. “It’s important to me because it’s given students like myself a safe space to be who they are and the ability to gain recognition for that,” she said, “There aren’t that many opportunities for undergraduate students to publish their work, but I think it’s important to hear from them.” Sydney had 3 pieces published in the 2022 edition, winning the Marilyn P. Donnelly Award in Poetry and receiving 2 honorable mentions.  

The 35th edition of The Critical Point will be for sale at Scholars Day on April 20, where the class will present their hard work. The presentation will highlight the winners of The Critical Point Awards and the 13th annual Carlow Undergraduate Creative Writing Awards, sponsored by Madwomen in the Attic. 

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