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Emperor’s New Phone 

By Keegan Flanagan 

Why did our emperor get up so early, 
Just to sit there on his throne, 
And why are people cheering, 
while he just scrolls through his phone? 

‘Something must be done, 
there are people dying in the streets! 
Can’t anybody help us?’ 
The emperor retweets. 

I saw a starving child, 
Begging on his knees, 
He said ‘Emperor you must help us, 
Sir I beg you, please!’ 

Then the emperor’s mouth opened, 
And the child’s eyes went wet, 
“please sir, spare some guidance?” 
“sorry, what was that?” 

And before the boy could answer, 
The emperor called his men, 
They ripped the boy from off the ground, 
And he was never seen again. 

The emperor got back on his phone, 
To see the latest trends. 
He types that we must save the children, 
And the emperor hit’s send. 

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