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“I’m so lucky…” 

Written by Kenna Hixenbaugh 

If you are on the popular social media app TikTok, you may have heard of the “I’m so lucky” trend. If you have not heard of this trend, allow me to fill you in on the details. Two young ladies (@skzzolno) made a TikTok video talking about how they changed their own lives with what they call “lucky girl syndrome”. One of the girls decided she wanted to start “lucky girl syndrome” after watching another TikTok video about sharing favorite affirmations. The two girls then repeated the phrase, “I’m so lucky that everything works out for me” every day. To their surprise, it helped them achieve their desires at that moment. Both girls wanted this particular apartment and got it within days of just saying the phrase. After the “lucky girl syndrome” video went viral on TikTok, everyone started posting their own stories on how it worked for them. 

Is it just a trend with a coincidence of good things happening or does it actually work? 

Well, what these girls are actually doing in the viral video is an act called Manifestation. Manifestation is a centuries-old belief about the power we hold within us, the ability to turn your greatest desires into reality. Using manifestation techniques or “lucky girl syndrome” can achieve your dream job or even finding the love of your life. You basically just determine what you want most and say it out loud every day. The idea is that there is energy all around us and that the universe is all connected. So, by speaking out about what you desire with a positive intention, you will receive it.  

Although some viewers of these videos are skeptical of the manifestation practice, it does not hurt to try! Seriously, just saying words of empowerment to yourself is not going to hurt or take a lot of effort. Stay kind to yourself! 

i don’t know why it works but… everything works out for us #luckygirls… | TikTok 

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