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The Mask

Written by: Tangerine Tree 

My world is crashing down. 
No one knows because I never show a frown. 
I smile, wave, and converse. 
But on the inside, I feel that I may burst. 

Too many things happening at the same time. 
My life feels like a mountain that’s impossible to climb. 
Depression is taking over and worsening. 
Under my breath, I am cursing.  

At all the times I pushed people who cared away. 
But it is too late to ask for help, there is nothing left to say.  
I let my little problems turn into something much bigger. 
My loved ones would tell me to “act with vigor”. 

How can I when my world is crashing down? 
Wish I could open up my mind and have you look around. 
I want help but don’t want to be a burden. 
No one should feel like this and that is one thing for certain. 

I’ll continue to wear that smile. 
But only around people and just for a while.  
However, my decision is to be left alone. 
Until I am dust and bone. 
Until I die by my own.