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Recent Pittsburgh Music Releases 

Photo Credit: Porters Facebook Page

Written by Claudia Schirda 

Have you ever wondered about the underground music scene in our very own city of Pittsburgh? In this article, you’ll find five artists from Pittsburgh who make music and one of their recent releases! These artists are featured in no particular order and every one of them fall in a different genre. You’ll also find their Bandcamps and some of their Instagrams as well! Get ready to rock! 

  1. Porters – ‘940’ Formed in 2019 by Layne Balla and Liam Domian, Porters just came out with their new single ‘940’ and it rocks! Weaving in between rock, metal, and experimental, you’ll be kept on your toes throughout the whole song. If you’re walking down the streets of Oakland and need a track alongside you while you’re stomping on all those pesky lanternflies, this is the song for you!
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  2. 1000z of Beez – ‘gore’ Alright, so this guy is pretty hidden from view. If you’re looking for the perfect indie ‘one-man-band’, Hunter Colt Paulson is for you! While he may not have released any new music recently, he did perform a show recently at The Government Center in the North Side! I remember listening to his track gore from his first album and thought it was amazing live. So even if you can’t find him online anywhere at all, look out for 1000z of Beez at some of Pittsburgh’s local venues!
  3. all my friends are cats – ‘The Way I Used To’ Does your cat like pop punk? Well this band makes pop punk specifically for cats! With their new album, you and your special furry friend can rock out to this purrfect music together. With an album of thirty minutes, you and your buddy can take a power nap before you wake up to get back to work on your next assignment.
    Follow the band on Instagram: @allmyfriendsarecatsband
  4. Moon Golf – ‘Dirty Sprout’ With their debut song Dirty Sprout, Christian Connolly and Conan May are the perfect new wave duo! If you’re looking for something to just dance to in the dark hours of night pretending it’s the 80’s again, this is the song for you! Just don’t put the blame on me if you get complaints from your downstairs dorm mates.
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  5. Shelter Light – ‘Shatter’ With Shatter just released this past August, multi-instrumentalist Antonio Ruberto is perfect for anyone looking to get into the modern goth scene in Pittsburgh! If you’re ever early to class and feel like dancing in the dark room with the crispy, autumn air flowing in, this is a perfect track to let yourself go!
    Follow the band on Instagram: @shelterlight

There you have it! Are there any other underground Pittsburgh bands with recent releases you like? Make sure to keep up to date with your local underground bands to support them and have some fun!

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