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Record Store Day: Black Friday 2023

Written by: Jackson Englert

Photo via Cole LoCurto

Want to know more places you can shop on Black Friday? Record stores all across the country are celebrating the holiday by holding their own event: Record Store Day Black Friday (RSD Black Friday). Set apart from the main, larger holiday of the year, Record Store Day, RSD Black Friday is a smaller event that seeks to bring some special attention to independent record stores at a time when a shopping frenzy takes you to bigger places like Walmart, Target, and the mall. At a time when you may focus on deals within electronics and clothes, music often gets left behind and that is something RSD Black Friday is hoping to change. With a roster of limited-edition vinyl records and CDs that span every genre, this event seeks to help shed more light on the beauty of music and physical media. As Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday season, record stores across the country hope that you use this event as a way to help you in holiday shopping.  

As with every RSD, limited releases take the main stage and are the reason why so many people participate. Thousands of artists have created limited releases for every RSD. Some of the most notable releases within the past few years have been from Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, Lady Gaga, The 1979, Billie Eilish, Madonna, Lana Del Rey, and plenty more big-name artists. This year there are no exceptions to this as there are many more big artists participating in this year’s RSD Black Friday. Some of the artists and their releases are: 

Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS: the secret tracks 

Jonas Brothers – The Family Business 

Noah Kahan – Cape Elizabeth EP 

Post Malone – The Diamond Collection 

Kim Petras – Problematique 

Sia – Everyday is Christmas EP 

Lil Wayne – I Am Music 

All Time Low – Alive at Wembley 

As the holiday season starts very soon, I hope you take the opportunity to consider visiting one of our many record stores here in Pittsburgh that are participating in RSD Black Friday to get a gift for yourself or someone you love. Along with the special editions, they keep their stock up to date with popular current and old releases as well. Some stores may have special sales, deals, and giveaways to help celebrate the event. If you are interested or want more information about RSD Black Friday, you can find more info and view the full list of special releases here:  

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