Theatre Flea Market

Written by: Caitlin McDonough The Carlow University Theatre Group (CUTG) held a huge two-week long flea market in the Rosemary Heyl Theater in Antonian Hall from Jan. 27 to Feb. 9 All proceeds went to supporting the theatre group and their future activities. The flea market was open for students and the public.  Each item was either donated by members or supporters of the Carlow community or collected by the theatre group themselves from an old film studio and an abandoned hoarder house! The members of CUTG had a great time during their mornings at the sale. Kara Miller, sophomore creative writing and liberal studies major said, “It’s been fun to see the different types of people that come … Continue reading Theatre Flea Market


Written by: Alexandra Kunz  Carlow’s annual Stuff-A-Plush was held on Feb. 13 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the second floor of the University Commons.   Stuff-A-Plush is similar to Build A Bear. People can pick out the plush, stuff it, pick a shirt, and make the birth certificate. Each plush was $5 to make. If there were any leftover in the last 30 min of the event, people were permitted to purchase another plush.   “This year, we have 14 different plushies, including a lamb, giraffe, elephant, pig, long hair bear, triceratops, dalmatian, magic dragon, black panther, cream bunny, cheetah, sabretooth tiger, monkey, and brontosaurus,” said Clare Duffus, the president of Campus Activities Board (CAB). One student that was at Stuff-A-Plush gave her insight on this event. Karlee Arendt, senior History and English major said, “I had a lot of fun, and it was my last opportunity for … Continue reading Stuff-A-Plush

Day in the Life of an ROTC Cadet in College

Written by: Marena Glaister Daily Schedule: 04:30 wake up   05:30 leave Carlow for ROTC Physical Training (PT) at University of Pittsburgh   06:00 begin PT   07:00 end PT   07:20 arrive back at Carlow   07:30 shower   08:00 breakfast   08:30 come back to dorm room   08:35 start schoolwork for the day   11:00/30 lunch   12:30 relax, play my ukulele   15:45 head to class   16:00 class #1   17:15 head to dinner   17:45 head to class   18:00 class #2   21:00 head back to dorm room   21:10 get ready for bed   21:20 check emails   21:45 get in bed   22:00 fall asleep   As an ROTC cadet, life can be very busy, so it … Continue reading Day in the Life of an ROTC Cadet in College

What’s Good Carlow Update

WHAT’S GOOD CARLOW! It has been way too long. It’s finally time to return to the microphones and talk about all things Carlow again.   We have two new hosts, Bella Diaz (First year-communication minor) and Miranda Depkon (First Year-communication Major) to vamp up the podcast this semester. Expect great new segments like our top five food places in Oakland or our top five things to do in Oakland.   It’s going to be fun, new, and exciting stuff to listen to. Don’t worry, we aren’t afraid to bring back some of the old segments either.   Be sure to send messages with feedback and ideas for shows. This is a student run podcast and we want everyone’s voices to … Continue reading What’s Good Carlow Update

One Billion Rising

Written by: Miranda Depkon   In Feb. 2020, One Billion Rising campaigned to bring awareness to ending sexual and physical violence against women. On Valentine’s Day in 2012, the campaign started by people rising and dancing to get the public’s attention. Today, women all over the world are still faced with violence – One Billion Rising calls people to rise to end … Continue reading One Billion Rising

“Everything that Sounds in the Forest” Art Gallery

Written by: Alexandra Kunz  “Everything that Sounds in the Forest,” opened on Jan. 17, 2020 in the Carlow Art Gallery on the 2nd floor of the University Commons. The exhibit features contemporary art of the Peruvian Amazon. It will run through May 15.  The artists who featured their original artwork that explores the traditional and rural dynamics of the Amazon include: Graciela Arias, Christian Bendayán, Lastenia Canayo, Harry Chávez, Frank Gaudlitz, Thomas Locke Hobbs, Roldán Pinedo, Adrián Portugal, Elena Valera, Rember Yahuarcani, and Santiago Yahuarcani. The exhibit is guest curated by Christian Bendayan, an artist and researcher of Amazonian art, and Gabriela Germana, visiting instructor of art.  The artists who came together to produce the exhibit each have different perspectives on the Amazon’s diversity. The selection of pieces provides a different look on how each of the artists interprets their surroundings.  Amy Bowman-McElhone, … Continue reading “Everything that Sounds in the Forest” Art Gallery