Theatre Flea Market

Written by: Caitlin McDonough The Carlow University Theatre Group (CUTG) held a huge two-week long flea market in the Rosemary Heyl Theater in Antonian Hall from Jan. 27 to Feb. 9 All proceeds went to supporting the theatre group and their future activities. The flea market was open for students and the public.  Each item was either donated by members or supporters of the Carlow community or collected by the theatre group themselves from an old film studio and an abandoned hoarder house! The members of CUTG had a great time during their mornings at the sale. Kara Miller, sophomore creative writing and liberal studies major said, “It’s been fun to see the different types of people that come … Continue reading Theatre Flea Market


Written by: Alexandra Kunz  Carlow’s annual Stuff-A-Plush was held on Feb. 13 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the second floor of the University Commons.   Stuff-A-Plush is similar to Build A Bear. People can pick out the plush, stuff it, pick a shirt, and make the birth certificate. Each plush was $5 to make. If there were any leftover in the last 30 min of the event, people were permitted to purchase another plush.   “This year, we have 14 different plushies, including a lamb, giraffe, elephant, pig, long hair bear, triceratops, dalmatian, magic dragon, black panther, cream bunny, cheetah, sabretooth tiger, monkey, and brontosaurus,” said Clare Duffus, the president of Campus Activities Board (CAB). One student that was at Stuff-A-Plush gave her insight on this event. Karlee Arendt, senior History and English major said, “I had a lot of fun, and it was my last opportunity for … Continue reading Stuff-A-Plush

“Everything that Sounds in the Forest” Art Gallery

Written by: Alexandra Kunz  “Everything that Sounds in the Forest,” opened on Jan. 17, 2020 in the Carlow Art Gallery on the 2nd floor of the University Commons. The exhibit features contemporary art of the Peruvian Amazon. It will run through May 15.  The artists who featured their original artwork that explores the traditional and rural dynamics of the Amazon include: Graciela Arias, Christian Bendayán, Lastenia Canayo, Harry Chávez, Frank Gaudlitz, Thomas Locke Hobbs, Roldán Pinedo, Adrián Portugal, Elena Valera, Rember Yahuarcani, and Santiago Yahuarcani. The exhibit is guest curated by Christian Bendayan, an artist and researcher of Amazonian art, and Gabriela Germana, visiting instructor of art.  The artists who came together to produce the exhibit each have different perspectives on the Amazon’s diversity. The selection of pieces provides a different look on how each of the artists interprets their surroundings.  Amy Bowman-McElhone, … Continue reading “Everything that Sounds in the Forest” Art Gallery

The Critical Point Update

The Critical Point, Carlow’s annual undergraduate arts and literary journal, accepted submissions from all undergraduate students this month. Like every year, submissions were accepted in the following categories: poetry, fiction, art (2D and 3D), photography, creative non-fiction, and critical writing (essays from all subjects). The deadline for submissions was Thursday Feb. 20, 2020.  The staff of The Critical Point is currently considering the submissions they received for publication in the journal and display at the Critical Point Exhibition, a new addition led by art history professor, Amy Bowman-McElhone, that will go up in the University Commons this spring. Those who submitted their art or writing will receive an email from the staff saying if their piece was accepted or not. A $100 cash prize will also be awarded for the best … Continue reading The Critical Point Update

A Mac Miller – Filled Weekend for Pittsburgh

Written by: Isabella Diaz On Jan. 17, the late local rapper Mac Miller’s posthumous album, Circles, was released. This final album was different from anything he released before; tying the idea of one album (Swimming) to another was a concept he never tried before. Up until Circles came out, Miller had done the most singing on an album but still featured mostly rap. In Circles, it’s the complete opposite, where he is mainly singing and there is very little rap. This transition provides an equal balance within the two albums, relying on similar themes of depression, saving face, and so forth. Each track puts a large emphasis on ideas such as recovery: how the bad days are … Continue reading A Mac Miller – Filled Weekend for Pittsburgh

5 Must-See Shows in Pittsburgh this Spring

Written by: Caitlin McDonough  If you’re new to Pittsburgh, or you just don’t get around the city very much, going to see plays and musicals can be a great way to see the Cultural District downtown. This season, these five shows are coming to town, and they are a great opportunity for date nights or for when you’re bored on a rainy March day. Student discounts on tickets are also available on using the code 1920CARLOW.  5. American Son  American Son is a new drama straight off Broadway that tells the story of Kendra and her teenage son Jamal, who is missing. This intense play presents current issues of race, power, … Continue reading 5 Must-See Shows in Pittsburgh this Spring

Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2019

By: Amber Kanoza On Feb. 3, Super Bowl LII appeared on America’s television screens. It wasn’t just the game between the Patriots and Rams that had everyone’s attention; it was also the commercials. When it comes to this special day, advertisers don’t hold anything back.   “Serena Williams” Bumble  Bumble is an app for meeting new people, and not just romantic encounters. This commercial had a very feminist vibe with Serena Williams encouraging women to “make the first move.” She gave advice to women to not wait because we already have the power to make a change.   “We All Win” Microsoft  … Continue reading Top Five Super Bowl Ads of 2019